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The Yod is a little known astrological configuration made up of three planets that are arranged in a particularly high powered formation. A Yod is also known as the Finger Of God…. The energy of a Yod is incredibly unstable, dynamic and intense. I think of it like an engine that keeps constantly kicking into overdrive, threatening to spin out of control as it tries to resolve basically unresolvable tensions that are inherent in how it is structured. These folks also often become well known in their communities because their one-pointedness makes them incredibly productive.

They get things done. They accomplish and achieve. They make things happen. And no one ever accuses them of being balanced. They are always dancing on the knifes edge of a certain kind of zealotry. True yods are relatively rare for a number of different reasons none of which I need to go into here and they are most potent in an individuals chart.

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But like any astrological configuration they can have an impact on the world psyche whenever they show up in the celestial spheres. The reason I am bringing this up is because we happen to be beginning with a Yod that has some pretty interesting dynamics going on, given where we are collectively. The Yod itself kind of looks like a long and skinny triangle with two planets at the base and the third one called the apex planet at the tip of the longer arms of the triangle.

Jupiter in Gemini is at the apex. Like I said earlier, a YOD is three planets in this case four that are in an extremely unstable relationship with each other and are trying to transform that agitation into something resembling productivity. And transforming that agitation means that all planets in the Yod need to be operating out of their highest potential.

People who know even a little bit about astrology often have very negative reactions to both Saturn and Scorpio. Saturn has a reputation for being a troublesome party-pooper. A bringer of problems, disappointments and difficulties. Saturn at its worst is seen as the stern taskmaster, the creator of obstacles, a dream squasher, cruelly limiting and ultimately depressing. And the only redeeming aspect of Scorpio is that it is associated with hot, often kinky, sex.

Otherwise it is linked to serial killers and brooding, relentlessly emaciated and introspective singer-songwriters who make you want to sink into a maudlin morass of despair and usually themselves die way too young. So the dark side of Saturn in Scorpio can be pretty darn dark. Life sucks and then you die. Slowly and horribly. It hides behind fatalism and defeatism justifying them as convention and tradition. But there are no bad planets or planetary combinations. Everything can be redeemed.

And a redeemed Saturn in Scorpio first needs to make a certain sacrifice.

It needs to relinquish its attachment to the belief that positive change is impossible. To leave behind its addiction to a sullen, pessimistic intensity masquerading as hipster cool. A reconstituted Saturn in Scorpio has the serious air of the wise elder unafraid of their own emotional ferocity. Saturn is always about discovering your great work and the great work of Saturn in Scorpio is the willingness to claim the power of authentic maturity by courageously exploring his or her own dark side.


It is being willing to realistically confront social, political and personal taboos and trust that those hurt and wounded places in your own life and in the body politic can be healed through truth telling and bringing toxic secrets into the light of day. Pluto in Capricorn in its shadow manifestation is the power monger gone wild, willing to sacrifice everything in order to maintain its sense of total supremacy and authority. Even if it means destroying the world in the process. Venus is the feminine principal and when in the embrace of grim Pluto she is beaten down, oppressed, raped, abused and used.

Her only function is to be bullied and trampled, allowing the control freak Pluto the illusion of absolute dominion over all of life. The only way this combination of energies can be healed is for it to die to old patterns of victimization and exploitation. To let go of the identity of the feminine as wounded, weak and broken. And to then be reborn as an empowered feminine vitality, the dark mother Kali rising from the ashes and tearing down old structures that no longer serve the life force and replacing them with what has passionate heart and meaning.

The planet that all this newly transformed energy is trying to express itself through is Jupiter in the sign of Gemini. And Jupiter is the planet of confidence, faith and never say die optimism. When it is in the sign of Gemini it expresses that optimism through fresh, new ideas and the ability to see the world as a place of endless wonder and unbounded possibilities. But Jupiter in Gemini also has its own dark side. Without the grounding influence of Saturns wise maturity and Plutos willingness to heal the ancient darkness of out-of-control power, Jupiter in Gemini can only spout glib ideas that are ungrounded in reality.

What A Yod On Your Horoscope Chart Means For Your Life & Relationships, According To Astrology

That offer positive rhetoric and false hopes that can never be realized because they are simply trying to put a happy and unrealistic face on dire circumstances. The high side of Jupiter in Gemini has an expanded capacity to see the world as it truly is without the masking filters of projection, assumptions and outmoded expectations cluttering the view. It is endlessly curious and asks very interesting questions. It thrills to new and novel insights… the zanier the better. But it also sees another truth about this place that we call home which is that it is rife with inspiration, thick with miracles and an ongoing light show of radical amazement.

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It believes that anything is possible. It has ultimate faith in the goodness of life. And is willing to risk everything in order to create something even bigger, better and more wonderful. If there is no other aspect outlet for Jupiter as would be reflected in a trine or sextile angle to another planet , a transiting planet in opposition to Jupiter and conjunct the midpoint of the sextile planets can trigger major life events which are difficult to handle and take great creativity to overcome. This is why the yod is often called the "Finger of God", [ by whom? Related to the yod, though much less inharmonious and more rarely noticed, is the golden yod.

Because these aspects are seen as beneficial, the golden yod is seen as beneficial and often as reflecting characteristics acquired by the person whose chart contains it. The few astrologers who have studied it regard it as an extremely creatively charged aspect good for artistic skill, especially as quintiles and biquintiles are frequently linked with Neptune. An alternate perspective is that a yod is always an aspect that indicates some kind of dramatic event, or 'fate'; Adolf Hitler had a "golden yod," for example, and it could be said he misused his "creativity," and that his purported artistic ability was ignored or under-appreciated by his examiners at art school, and so he channeled his extraordinary cleverness into other venues that were ultimately destructive rather than creative.

Yods of every type represent extraordinary powers available for good or ill; it is largely a matter of how the individual uses the energy, and whether the planets forming the crucial aspects are in any way harmonious. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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