March 14 eclipse astrology

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

The main purpose in their lives is to find grounding and start manifesting what they preach and plan, and with several right steps they might be well on their way of overcoming the injustice they found to be the source of all negativity in their life. There is something pressuring in hearts of people born on March 14th that doesn't allow them to instantly open their heart.

Their ego is usually fragile and effects of other people meddling in their lives might be too much to handle. Only when their personal boundaries are intact and kept safe will they be willing and ready to let someone into their intimate world and truly share what they are and what they need from a romance or any deeper emotional bond.

Loyal and committed, they make very good friends and need a lot of free relationships that support their individuality and their true nature, however much of it they wish to share. Building enough confidence, they get ready for a serious romance when they get a little older and as they realize that they don't always need to be in a constant battle for their integrity and personal expression. The main source of success in any of their relationships and their emotional life is shared and absolute mutual respect.

A person born on March 14th excels in work that is traditional and organized, often operating best in a system that puts them on an 8 hour workday that begins and ends always at the same time. They are ambitious and aim high, often getting high education and becoming educators themselves. These individuals excel in all things that require commitment and a lot of stable energy, and will endure through many challenges if they only have the right point to strive towards. Heulandite is the right stone for every person born on the 14th of March, for it helps them discover their own ability to heal situations of karmic nature.

Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

It will face them with matters of the past that don't let them move towards the future, and help them get out of patterns that keep spinning them in circles they wish to get out of. It is a crystal that stimulates the brain and gives best results in self-healing when used in meditation. Most of individuals born on the 14th of March wish their presents to be touching and in sync with tradition and values you once shared with them.

As your relationship with this person continues, you will build more trust in your own senses and get to know them well enough to be aware of their priorities and desires. Don't buy them a book. In sum, we may be feeling the impact of unrealized dreams during this New Moon, or we may realize that we have been trying to do everything, which has been diluting our focus and keeping us from accomplishing what we truly desire.

Although challenging with all this Piscean energy flowing around us, we need to distinguish between reality and illusion. However, the presence of Chiron is calling us to heal, and the South Node closely conjoining the New Moon and Chiron tells us that healing may require that we let go of something from our past while appreciating what remains.

And the pervasive energy of Pisces tells us that the healing will come through compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and actions that move us toward becoming whole. As suggested in Gestalt Therapy, healing often occurs through reclaiming parts of ourselves that have been left in the shadows, suppressed, or denied. Once we can accept all parts of who we are, warts and all, then true and deep healing can occur.

Eclipses: Tables

The answers may come to us through Piscean avenues such as slowing down, using our intuition or imagination, engaging in creative activities, meditating, listening to music, receiving messages through our dreams, being in nature. NOTE: Big shifts can also occur when a planet crosses the degree of a recent eclipse. It can bring an increased sense of self-confidence. Overall, we can do some excellent problem solving today under this influence, because we are eager to learn and grow. Although it is a nice place to visit in order to recharge our batteries, to dwell there will hamper our progress.

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A quick moving but wonderful grand trine or equilateral triangle on Saturday, March 12 , between the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto all are located in earth signs will provide us with a short-lived but powerful shot of positive energy. The areas of life that might be most impacted by this astrological configuration are relationships and finance. On Monday, March 14 , relationships could become a bit sticky.

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Problems within our relationships need to be addressed in a responsible and serious manner. The next day Tuesday, March 15 , could see us worrying about something that happened recently. We may be concerned that we have over-shared, or we may be over-thinking something in our lives. Wednesday, March 16 , sees the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto forming another very positive grand trine or equilateral triangle. This very positive flow of energy in earth signs can provide the grounding we need to move toward lasting change.

We may feel ready to take control of our lives and make decisions that align us with our inner goals and passions. Our thoughts and communication are keys to healing now. Due to the South Node being involved, it would be beneficial to look back into our past to identify and then release any unconscious mental patterns that have us stuck in negativity. PST Tuesday, March 8, p. EST Wednesday, March 9, a. Athena says:. March 6, at am.

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

But it might help to get you started on new projects that can breathe new life back into you especially if you've been working too hard lately and return you back to earth feeling refreshed with more breathing space. Venus forms a Wedge aspect pattern with the Mars-Uranus opposition. Venus is the apex of the Wedge triangle, which can provide a creative outlet for the tension of the opposition. She is also Out of Bounds and less likely to be overly confined by convention—in all, a very powerful combination!

Jupiter is also at the apex, and although a tad on the wide side in orb, Jupiter still has a very strong presence in the Wedge pattern. Venus, with Jupiter bringing up the rear, is therefore capable of bringing a creative and inspirational, yet productive and stabilizing, focus to the Mars-Uranus impulsiveness and recklessness. The question is: what would you like to do with this firebrand energy? A surprise getaway with your sweetie that can bring your relationship back into balance?

Move forward with an exciting but long-term project that you've been putting off? Follow your impulses to find ways to bring a little joy, happiness or contentment into someone's life? This could be a great energy under which to do holiday shopping, if you follow your instincts and also listen the Capricorn side of Venus warning you not to blow your budget. The visions we offer our children shape the future.

It matters what those visions are. Often they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Dreams are maps. This can be a time of great excitement and inspiration.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meaning

Jupiter is riding high in his own sign and is also conjunct the Galactic Centre , which amplifies his revelation that all things are possible if you just have enough faith. The New Moon is also in Fiery Sagittarius, giving a renewed sense of meaning and significance to your ability to focus your faith. Whatever you put your faith in, that's what's likely to come back to you. This could be a magical kind of process something that just happens to you , but it can also be because that's what you're expecting and are therefore more open to seeing and acknowledging the things that fit your expectations.

This can feed either positive or negative expectations. For example, if you believe the only way life can get better is to purge everything you aren't comfortable with from your life, you might become more judgmental toward people who disappoint or disagree with you, and thereby experience an increase in people who annoy or trigger you. Jupiter's shift into Capricorn might then seem to confirm your more discouraging expectations. That said, you feel what you feel, and if you're feeling down or disappointed or weary, the last thing you'd want to do is double-down on a gloomy state of mind.

At the same time, you can't just make yourself feel up and cheerful without risking the suppression of feelings that could rebound in subconscious ways. Try this on for size: acknowledge how you feel and know that it's okay to feel what you feel.

All Signs New Moon Solar Eclipse March 2016 Vedic Astrology Horoscopes

But it's not mandatory to act on those feelings. Instead, take your feelings and perceptions as a possibility of what could happen or what might continue for a while, but reserve final judgment to see how it turns out. Everything changes, and even when things get worse it's often because there's a process unfolding that needs to play out before something better can emerge. Yes, there's some hard work ahead in order to manifest your dreams and hopes. Yes, some of the glitter will rub off that vision of the future in the process of manifestation.

That's usually how it works, and it doesn't mean the result isn't a good thing. Sometimes having faith is little more than "wait and see.

Planetary Row

Lunar Eclipse, March 13 , 22° Virgo. Lunar Eclipse, Aug 8 , 15° Aquarius. Solar Eclipse, Aug 22 , 29° Leo. Lunar Eclipse, Sept 6 , 14° Pisces. They included a solar new moon eclipse on March 20, in Pisces at 29 with a lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4, at 14 degrees, and lunar eclipse full moon​.

Capricorn offers the ability to reserve judgment and have patience to see what develops. Act according to your hopes and highest expectations, and remember that the Universe still has a say in how it manifests, so it might look different from what's in your mind's eye. And that's okay.