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Patti has been labeled by colleagues, physicians, and clients as one of the greatest Medical Intuitives of the 21st Century. For more information, visit Patti Conklin online at www. Click here to refresh the feed. Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence France. Turi is a captivating speaker, author of many books and his profound Cosmic Wisdom continues to astonish skeptics and believers alike.

Those mind boggling-encounters lead Dr.

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Turi's website at www. Educated in psychology, philosophy and is a highly acclaimed life coach. Holly instantly knows your childhood dynamics, your desires, and unique personality traits, your gifts, and challenges. She connects with the universal mind and the Unified field, then uses this to help you navigate your life towards happiness. Holly has vast clientele from all over the world. She is available for private sessions, workshops, columns and as a motivational speaker.


Aliens at school! Extraterrestrials on the playground! For the past years, schools across the United States and the world have been targeted and visited by UFOs. These are not simple fly-overs. In these cases, the objects hover for long periods at extremely low elevation, often landing next to the school.

In many cases, humanoids are seen. Elementary schools, junior high and high schools, colleges and universities -- all have been targeted. The ETs are here, and they are coming for our children. This unique and groundbreaking book documents more than cases of schoolyard UFO encounters from across the planet. Why are extraterrestrials hovering over and landing next to schools?

Why are the ETs so interested in our children? Something very profound is happening here. Folklore has it that psychic ability is hereditary. Jill Dahne is living proof. As the daughter of renowned psychic, Micki Dahne, Jill has demonstrated a world class ability of her own.

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Asaf Demir. Fisk, Marjorie B. Research Highlights 23 December However, the Chair can only serve two three-year terms, and this year Madalyn Hillis-Dineen stepped down after serving her two terms, with John Marchesella taking over the Chair position. Write to me at Shinker aol.

When a young school girl, Jill was sent home early for telling the teachers what they were going to write before they wrote it. At the age of thirteen, Jill predicted, on radio, a terrorist attack one month before it occurred.

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She has predicted over marriages; and, in predicted on television that in President Clinton would be involved in a sex scandal. She also predicted his Election and Re-election. Jill is also a medical intuitive and helps people all around the world solve their medical puzzles. Jill has appeared on Lifetime televisions's Beyond Chance , "Geraldo", where she helped families of missing children, the "Christina" show, "Miami Tonight" and was one of the first psychics to appear on educational television. She has been heard on radio across the country, where she predicted the outcome of the World Series two months before the game.

The name Sooleawa is Algonquin, which means "silver".

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Visit www. Craig Hogan, Ph. He has been studying UFOs for nearly fifty years. He has investigated some of the most famous UFO cases including the Levelland sightings and series of sightings over Washington, D. He has been consulted for dozens of documentaries about UFOs and has made presentations to dozens of colleges and other organizations.

He is considered one of the leading experts into the Roswell UFO crash of He had written more than 25 books about UFOs including the recently published Roswell in the 21st Century and hosts a blog, KevinRandle.

Downing wrote The Bible and Flying Saucers in He wrote in the book that Jesus was an extraterrestrial sent to earth to rid the world of sin and wickedness, he cited biblical lines such as Jesus was from another world John 8: 23 to support his claims, Downing also believed that Jesus left earth in a flying saucer to another planet, or perhaps another spatial dimension. For a listing of Canadian Toronto area consulting Astrologers, Astrologists, and teachers of Astrology , see Counselors.

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To help show what's happening in the Toronto area of Canada and introduce visitors to many of the familiar names in the area's astrological and New Age community of teachers and practicioners, some past events and lectures remain listed here. Future and current events are always listed first in each Section, at the top of the list. Astrology Conferences and Weekend Workshops - Donna Van Toen is planning another major Astrology Conference in Toronto for October 22 , with workshops by international and local Astrologers.

Reserve now - limited space remaining. Email: cvantoe ibm. Astrology Toronto Inc. Participants are encouraged to meet informally afterwards at a local restaurant to socialize and meet with the guest speaker. A list of upcoming lectures is published in ATI's bi-monthly printed newletter, Midheaven , which is available free of charge at various Toronto area metaphysical bookstores.

Or check their web site www. Guest Lectures and Workshops by arrangement at bookstores, libraries and colleges, or at your club or home includes printed notes.

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Will travel. Live Entertainment at corporate functions, charity fundraisers, casino nights, colleges, clubs, business promotions, house parties, showers, and home "Psychic Parties" -- "The Electric Astrologer" program by Michael Star prints real horoscope readings in one minute for each of your guests, while Michael gives them a verbal character reading.

Additional astrologers, psychics, and Tarot card readers available on request for "Psychic Night" events or functions with guests. Inquiries are invited. It's a popular fun event and a great icebreaker and mixer at astrology clubs, singles dances, nightclubs, colleges, company parties, and reunions. Inquiries from agents and party planners are welcomed. Topic: "Astrology and You". Contact: in Toronto.

The answer to "What's your Sign? Astrologer Michael Star shares his insights and some written materials, including recommended books and Internet resources. Please register in advance by calling the Library at Free underground parking. Bus service.