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This the time to follow your creative passions and enjoy the beginning of a new season. This month is bursting with creative energy for you. Create an Esty shop, write a novel, or audition for roles. Focusing on marketing and promoting yourself, it will increase your business. As a mental number, you are a little intense. As a 7, you are deeply introverted and most like get wrapped up in your own thoughts you miss a lot of social moments.

Luckily the power of the 3 and 6 will help turn you into a social butterfly. Let the stress from the past winter melt away as we enter the playful March. The 3 encourages us to laugh more, become more active, and feed our creative passions. This is the month to spend more time with family, loved ones, and take a break from all the stress.

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With March in your compatible numbers of 3 and 6, this month will be unstoppable for you as you are empowered by all the creative energies of the three numbers. Let this flow into writing, painting, singing, acting, or just creating. Do not keep this to yourself; share it with others. You may be busy tying up loose ends or deciding to let a few things to fall away. Loosen your grip on the old stuff that needs to be cast off. A 6 Personal Year focuses on evaluating the relationships in your life, forcing you to get up-close and personal about your own style of relating. Caring is a two-way street.

Yet know that in March, the next chapter is being born. Grab any opportunity you can to study or do research on areas of life that feel stuck or on-hold.

The 7 Personal Year has been drawing your attention to intellectual affairs and spiritual matters. March is perfect for meditating, working on creative projects or spending quiet time in nature. To optimize the energies of the contemplative 7 Personal Year with the independence and initiation of the 1 Personal Month, ferret out some knowledge-building opportunities.

Tuesday March 06, 1923

The 8 Personal Year demands concerted effort, good judgment, and business efficiency. But ready yourself for some delays and heightened emotions.

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This is the year where you feel truly ambitious, with deep desire to better your financial conditions. But this endeavor may not be easy, breezy. In the meantime, do your best to keep it all running as smoothly as possible. Go see a funny movie, mix and mingle with friends, or take a cooking class. Read a book for pure fun. Breathe a sigh of relief, as March revs up social activity and brings some much-needed opportunities for fun and lightness. February may have left you in limbo, feeling weighed down by indecision.

Bring pleasure into the equation. Family and close friends will be happy to support, so gather with them near March 12 or You might even sign up for a workshop or playshop that focuses on self-developmentā€”perhaps with the spiritual twist of the 9 Personal Year. If the opportunity presents itself particularly during the week of March 18 take a short vacation to recharge your batteries and connect with fun-loving friends. Since your 3 Month emphasizes communication, you could work on a writing or media project, present some of your ideas to a larger audience, or tap into your gifts of performance or entertaining.

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Creativity will be cathartic! This is an exciting time, when everything seems more intense, more alive. You are more creative and communicative now, and should take time to enjoy yourself. Go on a vacation. Visit friends.

Be social. Give yourself a break. Romance is favorable, but you have to guard against irresponsible and superficial behavior. Now is the time to deliver; to show yourself and everyone else that you are able and willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. This is a month to put your nose to the grindstone and to work on all the details. It's also a time when your ability to plan and organize future events is greatly enhanced.

So, too, is your clarity of mind.

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You gain confidence in your abilities and yourself. It's time to move; to make things happen. Do not procrastinate. Do not avoid work or effort. Slacking would be a serious mistake. The month can be a little frustrating because so much of your energy will have to be directed to work and details, even routine matters. But this is a time that will likely bring forth an important opportunity, and result in real progress. It's surprising, therefore, that against such a serious and work-oriented backdrop, romance can bloom.

Someone is impressed with your down-to-earth, go-getter approach and your can-do mentality. You will probably find yourself in demand. It brings some relief from last month's frustrating efforts to persuade others and to keep track of the details.

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This month will be hectic with some unexpected changes, so don't try to plan everything down to its final detail. Instead, be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way. The expression "go with the flow" is an important motto for you for most of this month, and you will be astonished by coincidences in which timing is crucial. Don't make financially risky decisions this month, especially involving business.

Check and double-check all your facts before going forward with your plans.


Be skeptical! However, your ability to promote yourself, your plans, or a product is enhanced now. There will be many social events and opportunities this month, so take advantage of them.

The chances of meeting new people who can support you in your endeavors are especially good. A letter or phone call from someone you haven't heard from in a long time may surprise you. It's high noon for romance, but be warned: you may not be as discriminating and cautious as you should be.