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Watch for lovers and marital partners to now actively trigger an enjoyment of past events, old feelings or original affections: this is a strong time for shared appreciation and renewed understanding in key relationships. Single Aquarians can expect to encounter an unusually complicated relationship early in between mid- February and late March watch for a highly passionate and complicated love affair to demand attention.

Chances are it will be short lived, Aquarius, but extremely enjoyable: stay balanced and refuse to give your heart away too quickly. Planetary aspects also indicate that a more serious relationship will also arrive shortly after June 1st. If so, Aquarius, expect this romance to be gentle, quietly delightful and long lasting.

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After late August home and family become a strong concern: financial improvements, new daily activities and an ongoing commitment to solving family disagreements will be a continuing theme. This will be a vital time for gaining trust between loved ones and establishing a common understanding or commitment with romantic partners: watch for minor family or money difficulties to be best resolved through group awareness, practical discussions and shared goals.

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Throughout the autumn and winter months, Aquarius, settle into a comfortable pattern with loved ones and expect close relationships to flourish: will likely reveal powerful lessons of trust, intimate communications and an appreciation of the past in all love relationships. The planetary alignment is not the only cause for this good piece of news, but also your attitude regarding the improvement of your well-being.


Therefore, you are willing to go to the doctor, to improve the state of your teeth, for example, to try different movement therapies that can help you both physically and energetically, to resort to rituals that can positively charge your body, to make healthy changes in your diet and so on. You are very determined to take care of yourself, of the way you feel and you spend your time and even the way you look.

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Your image is one of the priorities of this year and you will even receive compliments that you look better, that you are full of energy, that your complexion is brighter etc. In other words, your state of health will be more your merit than the stars.

Keep going and you are going to have a wonderful year. Detailed birth chart Daily forecast Daily lovescope Love compatibility and much more! Looking for love?

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This February announces itself as particularly constructive for long-term projects, love and renewal. The heavy weights of the zodiac: Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter associate in the constellation of the Capricorn offering to this sign and other signs of Earth (Taurus, Virgo) as well as. The presence of Ceres in Aquarius, during February , highlights the importance of maintaining contact with friends, and other members of.

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